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Describe Your Personality and We’ll Design You a School Bag

What bag you choose reveals more about you than you might think!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1/10 First off, what do you like to do at the weekends?


2/10 What features would you want from a fantasy bag?


3/10 What badge would you want to stick on your bag?


4/10 What would you be most likely to leave at the bottom of your bag?


5/10 If you had to choose a bag seller to buy a bag from, which one would it be?


6/10 Okay, this is important - what do you like learning about in school?


7/10 What kind of place would you take your bag when you weren't at school?


8/10 Which item would you choose to have hanging from the strap?


9/10 Which book would you pack in your bag?


10/10 Which food would you decide to take?

You designed a RAINBOW BAG!

You're cool, colourful and creative... so what better bag for you than one packed with loads of glitter and covered in unicorns?

You designed a WOLF BAG!

Just like our four-legged friends, you're the leader of the (back) pack and there's nothing better for an outdoors-loving adventurer like you than a wolf bag! Hoowwwlll!

You designed a SLIME BAG!

What else does a scientific superstar like you need - apart from a bag to keep all your lab equipment in? Yep, that's right - it's a slime bag for you, full of mysterious potions, Bunsen burners...and loads of slime, of course!

You designed a YOUTUBER'S BAG!

As a fantastic film-maker, there's only one thing you need your bag for -  and that's making sure all your equipment is on hand for when you need to make an awesome video!So if you need a place to stash all those phones and spare batteries, you've found the right bag!