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15 Deliciously Fun Dessert Facts

These fun dessert facts are definitely not cobblers!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 8th 2022

It’s true! These Deliciously Fun Dessert Facts are definitely not cobblers, and we’re really not trifling with you. If you like eating pudding then these facts are going to satisfy you brain (if not your stomach) so once you’re full of fascinating fun facts about desserts, waddle off to the fridge and see if there’s any apple pie left for afters!

1. Dessert Means 'Clear The Table!'


The word dessert comes from France and means ‘to clear the table’. Not because desserts are so delicious that there is never any left on the table but  because they used to be eaten standing away from the table to allow the servants to clear up ready for after dinner activities!

2. Turkish Chicken Pudding Is Delicious! 

Did you know that mince pies used to contain meat? Sugar was so valuable it was used as a flavouring and the boundaries between sweet foods and savoury foods was blurred. Meat can still be used in desserts. The Turkish dessert Tavuk gogsu is chicken mixed with rice flour, cinnamon and sweetened milk, a bit like a McNugget Panacotta.

3. The Deep Fried Mars Bar Has Got To Be The Unhealthiest Pudding Ever!

Fast becoming the national dessert of Scotland, the deep fried, battered mars bar, invented in a chipshop in Glasgow, has got to be one of the most unhealthy foods ever created! Especially when served with a side order of chips in custard!

4. The Veriohukainen Blood Pancake Has Got To Be The Grossest Dessert Ever!

These vampire-friendly desserts are made from  mixing milk, sugar and, wait for it… pigs blood to make delicious pancake. They’re served with a delicious fruit jam because that’s going to make you forget that they contain pigs blood! 

5. The USA Consumes Quite A Lot Of Doughnuts!

And by “quite a lot” we mean FREAKIN’ LOADS. Doughnut scientists estimate that over 10 billion doughnuts are made in the USA each year. They’re so popular that the word “Donut” is starting to be used as a name. Currently, in the USA 13 people have been christened or have changed their first names to “Donut.” Our advice: Donut do this!

6. The USA Consumes Quite A Lot Of Cookies!

Each year, seven billion chocolate chip cookies are gobbled in the dessert-hungry nation of the USA. This works out as 200 cookies each a year if you don’t count the cookie monster from Sesame Street who probably has more than his fair share. Half of the cookies are homemade so we’d imagine lots of cookie dough is also consumed in the process of baking!

7. Astronauts Love Ice Cream

According to surveys of NASA astronauts, ice cream is one of the foods they miss the most while they spend time in a space station. Apparently, NASA’s extra-light, freeze dried ice cream isn’t quite as tasty. We wonder if they’ve tried a Mars Ice cream?

8. Shakespeare Liked Desserts!

And we don’t mean the kind of “Just Desserts” served out to villains like MacBeth and King Lear. We’re talking Shakespearean pancakes, mentioned in both in All’s Well that Ends Well: “As a pancake for Shrove Tuesday” and As You Like It: “Now I'll stand to it, the pancakes were naught and the mustard was good, and yet was not the knight forsworn”

*We have no idea what either of these quotes actually mean.

9. Ice Cream Testers have Expensive Tastes!

Career Goal: Icecream tester. If being an icecream tester wasn’t enough of a AMAZING job, they also get to use a golden spoon to eat with. Apparently, gold is the only metal that doesn’t react with the temperature of ice cream, meaning - unlike other lesser spoons - it doesn’t give a slight after-taste! Next time you are offered icecream be sure to insist on a golden spoon!

10. Desserts Can Get Quite Pricey!

A man with a silly amount of cash

The most expensive dessert is The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae which costs a reasonable $25,000 considering it’s made of the rarest chocolate ever discovered and loads of gold leaf. This dessert is not available in your local supermarket!

11. Good News: There Are Loads Of Desserts!

In Dubai, on 13 February 2009, over 2000 different desserts from over 30 countries were prepared for a record attempt to gather the most desserts in one place. The rumour that a fact writer from the Beano was banned from this event in case they ate the desserts is an absolute lie.

12. You Could Live In A Gingerbread House!

The biggest gingerbread house ever was built in Texas, USA (We can see a pattern emerging between USA and desserts!) It was large enough for a family of 5 and contained over 35,000,000 calories. Living in Gingerbread Houses isn’t really practical. It’s quite likely that the gingerbread would go soggy in bad weather plus you’d be tempted to eat the walls!

13. Marshmallows Are Plants!

Marshmallows are plants Not the white fluffy cubes that taste oh so delicious lightly toasted over a fire then squashed between two biscuits. We mean the other marshmallow. Ancient Egyptians were said to be the first to use the root of the plant to soothe coughs and heal wounds. The first marshmallows were prepared by boiling pieces of the root with honey!

14. The Magnum was invented by olden days James Bond actor, Roger Moore! 

Olden days James Bond actor Roger Moore, invented the Magnum icecream after complaining about getting chocolate on one of his white suits whilst eating a choc-ice. His idea to put a stick in the choc ice was taken up by Walls Icecream and thus the magnum was created!

15. Roman Soldiers Ate Fruit Cake!

Fruit cakes can last for an eternity! They used to be eaten by Roman legionaires. The cake would last for ages and provide energy boosts on long marches across hostile countries. A cake break would also boost morale when the romans were fed up with being attacked by Goths. More recently, the fruits were soaked with rum or brandy to preserve them even longer. This is one of the reasons they’re used for wedding cakes. Traditionally, girls would place a piece of fruit cake beaneth their pillow to give them wedding themed dreams!