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British Dialect Quiz!

See if I can guess where you're from in this awesome British dialect quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 18th 2023

Dialect Quiz

1/8 Woodlouse

What's this?

2/8 Woman waving

How do you say hello?

3/8 Couple holding heart

If someone's good looking they're...?

4/8 Jam sandwich

What's this?

5/8 Potato

What about this?

6/8 Rainy scene

If the weather's bad its...?

7/8 Scone

How do you pronounce this cake?

8/8 Shocked man

If something's horrible it's...?

The South of England result

The South of England!

You're from the South of England, somewhere like London, or maybe even Bristol!

Northern England

North of England

You're from up north, somewhere like Manchester, Newcastle or Liverpool!

Scotland result


You're from Scotland - maybe somewhere like Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee!

Wales result


You're from Wales, somewhere like Cardiff or Swansea!

Northern Ireland Result

Northern Ireland!

You're from Northern Ireland, maybe Belfast?

No idea result

I have no idea!

Ok, you got me, I can't figure it out. You're a mystery, an enigma. Narnia?

Midlands result

The Midlands

You're from the English Midlands, maybe Birmingham!