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Digimon's Digitally Determined Personality Quiz

There are lots of different characters and creatures in the world of Digimon, but which are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2022

From Haru, the calm and quiet young boy to the mightiest of Digimon monsters each character has a role to play! But which one of these wonderful members of the Digimon world have you got the most in common with?! Why not try out this quiz and see for yourself?!


What is your favourite colour?


What time do you wake up?


You see someone stealing from a shop, what do you do?


You’ve nearly run out of phone battery, what do you do?

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Floramon is in trouble, what do you do?

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Kaito and his sister are arguing again, what do you do?

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Ryo is being mean to his Digimon, what do you do?


What is your favourite fruit?


What is your favourite mode of transport?

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The portal is about to close, who do you put through first?

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You’re Haru, the quiet and mysterious one of the bunch. Now he might seem small, but he’s very mature despite how young he appears! Haru will always try to protect the people he cares about too - does that sound familiar?

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The Professor!

Nice, you’re one of the smartest people out there, and your inquisitive mind means you’ve got the most in common with this character! Out of everyone you often find yourself thinking just a little bit deeper into the reasons ‘why’ - and that is a very admirable trait! Epic!

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Awesome, you’re Saki! Saki is one of the most honest and kind hearted characters in the Digimon world, and because of that everyone respects her and wants to help if things get bad! Saki knows that if you’re nice to people today, they’ll be nice to you tomorrow - just like you!

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Nice! You’re a Digimon, the most famous of them all and certainly the coolest in our opinion! Despite being a digital monster, you always stick up for your friends and look out for them, just like you! Great result!