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Can You Pass Our Disney Halloween Trivia Quiz?

How much do you know about Disney's spookiest movies? Take the quiz now and test your trivia!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 4th 2022

It's the spookiest time of the year! If you're the sort of person who loves to celebrate October 31 by watching scary Halloween movies, then this is the quiz for you!

Disney have created loads of creepy films and we want to know how much you know about them! Will you get a perfect score? Find out now!

1/10 The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas | Walt Disney | Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi | Henry Selick

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, where does Jack Skellington live?

2/10 Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus | Buena Vista Pictures | David Kirshner | Kenny Ortega

What are the three witches called in Hocus Pocus?

3/10 Muppets Haunted Mansion
Muppets Haunted Mansion | Kirk Thatcher | Chelsea DeVincent. Michael Steinbach | Soapbox Films, The Muppets Studio

In Muppets Haunted Mansion, what is the name of Miss Piggy's character?

4/10 Coco – Miguel and his dog
Coco | Producer: Darla K. Anderson | Director: Lee Unkrich | Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios

In Coco, what is the name of Miguel's dog?

5/10 Jessie, Buzz and Woody in Toy Story of Terror!
Toy Story of Terror! | Galyn Susman | Angus MacLane | Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, Disney Television Animation

Which character goes missing in Toy Story of Terror?

6/10 A scene from Maleficent
Maleficent | Robert Stromberg | Joe Roth | Walt Disney Pictures, Roth Films

What happened when Maleficent shook hands with Stefan?

7/10 Halloweentown
Halloweentown | Duwayne Dunham | Ron Mitchell, Brian Pogue | Singer-White Entertainment

What's the name of the witch in Halloweentown?

8/10 Spooky Buddies
Spooky Buddies | Robert Vince | Anna McRoberts, Robert Vince | Key Pix Productions

In Spooky Buddies, these dog pals visit a manor as part of a school trip. Who did it belong to?

9/10 Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire
Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire | Steve Boyum | Don Schain, Michael J Nathanson, Clifford Alsberg, Bettina Viviano | Upstart Entertainment

In Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire, what's the name of the vampire?

10/10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Walt Disney Productions | Walk Disney | David Hand

What's the name of this bird in Snow White?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Maybe Christmas movies are more your thing?

Result: Good try

Good try! Why not have another go? You've got this!

Result: Great work

Great work! You know a thing or several about Disney Halloween movies!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a Disney Halloween movie expert!