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Do You Like Turning Red Or Encanto More?

Which movie do you prefer: Encanto or Turning Red?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 27th 2022

We’re blessed! Disney have created two the greatest movies ever in quick succession. Yes that’s right, it’s Encanto and Turning Red! One of them features excellent characters, plenty of laughs and a cracking soundtrack and the other one… does too! Disney have done it again, but which one of these awesome movies is your top watch. Do you prefer Turning Red to Encanto? Or is Encanto your favourite? Let's find out!

1/10 A school bag

Which do you prefer?

Please add image credits here

2/10 Pick an animal…

3/10 An aeroplane flying over a city

Where would you most like to go?

4/10 Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hamilton | Lin-Manuel Miranda

Do you like Hamilton?

5/10 Billie Eilish

Do you love Billie Eilish?

6/10 A boy eating his homework

Choose a GCSE subject to study…


7/10 Pick a flag!

8/10 A pineapple and a three colour background

Which colour do you prefer?

9/10 A green and purple monster

What’s your favourite monster?

10/10 A magician

Do you like magic?

Result: Turning Red
Turning Red | Pixar Animation Studios | Walt Disney Pictures | Lindsey Collins | Domee Shi

You like: Turning Red!

How can you not prefer a film that tugs at the heart strings AND features a super cool giant Red Panda?

Result: Encanto
Encanto | Disney Studios | Clark Spencer, Yvett Merino | Byron Howard, Jared Bush

You like: Encanto!

We don’t talk about Bruno, eh? Actually we do. Rather a lot. BECAUSE WE ARE OBSESSED WITH ENCANTO. It’s the best film ever!