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Does My Cat Love Me Quiz?

It's time to find out once and for all: does your cat actually love you, or are you just a walking, talking food dispenser? Take our quiz and find out for sure!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 14th 2021
1/20 A cat sits on a kitchen floor pleading for food, even though you've just fed it

What's the first thing your cat does when you walk through the door?

2/20 A cat enjoys being stroked on its owner's lap

When you wake up, where is your cat?

3/20 A cat wears glasses, and looks exhausted from a tough day of napping

Does your cat get on with other cats?

4/20 This is an image of cat's paws

Has your cat ever scratched you?

5/20 A cat with a bowl of cat food, an egg and a burger

What do you buy your cat to eat?

6/20 A cat hissing at a shocked emoji

Does your cat make a lot of noise?

7/20 A cat wrapped in towels after a luxurious bath

Have you ever given your cat a bath?

8/20 A cat being brushed and loving every second

Do you groom your cat much?

9/20 A kitten paws at a piece of bacon, which has a moustache

How old is your cat?

10/20 A cross-looking kitten rests on their owner's shoulder

Does your cat seem to like other people?

11/20 A cat scratches its ear, while a mouse creeps around in the background

Does your cat let you tickle its ears?

12/20 A group of cats eat from a variety of bowls

Do you have any other cats?

13/20 A cat and a muscular bird sit on a wall

Do you ever wonder if your cat goes to other houses?

14/20 A cat getting a check-up at the vet, while a rubber chicken looks on

How often does your cat get a check-up at the vet's?

15/20 A cat sitting next to a litter box

How often does your cat's litter box get changed?

16/20 A cat reading a book

Do you think you can tell what your cat is thinking?

17/20 A cat leaps to stop a flying pineapple

What's your cat's favourite thing to do?

18/20 A cat playing with a toy

Do you ever play with your cat?

19/20 A cat surrounded by toilet paper in a nice bathroom

What would you do without your cat?

20/20 A cat enjoying a cuddle

Final question. Do you think your cat loves you?

Result: Yes


Yes! Your cat loves you! Cats can be aloof, but you know from the way it nuzzles you that your cat hearts you big time!

Result: No


Er, no. Sorry. Don't be too upset, it's not you. It's just cats.

Result: Your cat thinks you're fine!

Your cat thinks you're fine!

Your cat has no strong opinion about you and that's as good as it's going to get! It's pretty standard for a cat, to be honest.

Result: Ultimate Nemesis

You are your cat's ultimate nemesis

Uh oh, you've obviously done something to wrong your cat in a past life... we suggest that you stay out of your cat's way! Don't take it too personally, cats love having enemies.