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Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas Quiz For Canine Critters

Dog Man is back! And itchier than ever! But how much do you know about Dog Man’s fifth adventure?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 8th 2023

Dog Man really has his skills in Police Dog work cut out this time as a new threat faces the town! Of course Dog Man can do it, and step those little paws up to the challenge, but can you?! Do you have what it takes in the knowledge department to save the day with Dog Man?! Let’s find out!


How did they end up on the island?


On the way to cat jail, what distracts Dog Man?


How do the FLEAS escape from the jail?


What does FLEAS stand for?

Dav Pilkey

What does the factory that the Dogmobile crashes into make?


Why does the Bark Knight attack the Robo-Brontosaurus?


Is Petey good or bad?


Where do the FLEAS go?


What is Gelato?

Dav Pilkey

What type of joke does Li’l Petey tell?

Uh oh! It looks like evil has prevailed and even with your help Dog Man hasn’t been able to save the day! Disaster! It might be worth rereading the book and seeing if you can get a better score! But don’t worry, nobody gets full marks straight off the bat! Well, some people do!

Alright! Great effort! You’ve clearly read this brilliant book at least once! You’ve got a good basic understanding of the characters and the story, but we think that you could probably do better! Why not have another go and see if you can score higher?! It’s worth a shot!

Epic! Now we’re really talking, those fleas don’t stand a chance, and it seems pretty obvious that you, Dog Man and all his friends would make a great team! Your brains, and Dog Man’s barf - it doesn’t get much better! Well it could, but only just - why not have one last try at this quiz and see if you can get 100%?

Wow! Woof Woof! You’ve done it, you’ve scored 100%, who thought that was even possible? Certainly not us! You’ve shown that hard work pays off, your brain is in tip top condition and those brain waves are rolling high! You know everything there is to know about Dog Man’s fifth adventure - nice one! Why not try out some of the other quizzes we’ve got on the site and see if you can nail those too?

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