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How Well Do You Know the Dog Man Book Series?

Part Dog, Part Man - can you think of a better story? Probably not, so let's test your knowledge instead!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2024

Dog Man is one of the most incredible stories of animal human relationships. Except this time is not about throwing balls and fetching sticks, it's about fighting the evil threatening the world as we know it! It doesn’t get much better than that, so let’s get stuck into this canine quiz and see how you can do! Can you get full marks?

1/12 A flea

Fill in the blanks: 'Dog Man: ______ ______ Fleas Under the Sea'

2/12 The cover of the book Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder
Dav Pilkey | Scholastic and Graphix

Which book number is Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder in the series?


What is the name of the human part of Dog Man?


What is the name of the dog part?


Who is their nemesis and the villain of the story?


Are there pictures in Dog Man?


How is Dog Man’s head attached?


What did Dog Man accidentally do to the chief’s chair?


What evil cleaning machine does Petey use to chase Dog Man?


What martial art skill does Dog Man know?


Where does Dog Man like drinking water from?


Finish the description: ‘He has the head of a dog, the body of a man and the heart of a…’

Result: Uh oh
Dav Pilkey

Uh oh! Okay, this might not be the result you thought you’d get, but what do you expect after randomly smashing buttons?! Why not have another go, take it slow and see if you can get some more answers correct! Let’s go!

Result: Not bad
Dav Pilkey

Nice! You know your Dog Man from your Cod Man, and that’s a great place to start. After all, Cod Man doesn’t exist, does he? WE think you can still probably do better though, so why not have another try and see if you can score higher on this quiz?! What are you waiting for? Glory awaits!

Result: Great score
Dav Pilkey

Epic! You’ve got your paw on the pulse here, you know almost everything that there is to know about Dog Man and the evil actions of Petey the Cat! Give yourself a big pat on the head - dogs like that right? But seriously, well done, not many people get this far so congratulations! Why not see if you can get 100% though, go on, refresh that page and let’s get stuck in one last time!

Result: Full marks
Dav Pilkey

Incredible! The crowd is stunned! Not only has Dog Man saved the day again, but you’ve clambered, tongue wagging right to the top of the quiz pile. Nobody out there has a better knowledge of Dog Man, we’re unbelievably impressed that we nearly barfed! Amazing, well done - you’ve earned it.