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Double Dennis!

American Dennis or British Dennis? Who gets your vote in this clash of the troublemakers?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

This might come as a surprise - but there's actually a second Dennis the Menace! What? No, really!

Dennis the Menace | King Features Syndicate

By some weird coincidence an American author called Hank Ketchum published a comic called "Dennis the Menace" on the exact same day in 1951 that Dennis appeared in the Beano! But how does this unlikely American imposter compare to our very own stripy-jumpered master of mischief? DING DING DING! In the red and black stripy corner!

Round 1: Appearance

Both wear stripy tops and carry catapults everywhere. British Dennis has cooler hair, but American Dennis has more pockets in his dungarees - which means more space for menacing items. This round is too close to call.

Result - DRAW!

Round 2: Menacing

No-one comes close to the real Dennis when it comes to menacing! In fact, American Dennis mostly gets in trouble by accident. That's some weak menacing!

Result - British Dennis WINS!

Round 3: Hobbies

Here's a tricky one. Both American and British Dennis like playing the drums, skateboarding, pranks and catapults. But American Dennis is also into cowboys. And while cowboys are a super obvious thing for an American kid to be into - they are kind of cool. Kind of.

American Dennis just sneaks this round. Bah.

Dennis the Menace | King Features Syndicate

Result - American Dennis WINS!

Final Round: Friends and enemies

It's the dramatic final round - and it's no contest! British Dennis has Gnasher, JJ, Rubi, Pieface and literally all of Beanotown behind him! Even the evil Walter is pretty good for a fun-sucking villain!

Unfortunately for American Dennis, all he's got is his friend Margaret, a grumpy next door neighbour and a cat called Hotdog - which is obviously a rubbish name for a cat. Sorry American Dennis, but you lose this round!

@Beano Studios | Giphy

The scores are in!

So there we have it folks, British Dennis beats American Dennis by a convincing 2 to 1! Do you think we've got it right? Answer this poll and have your say!

Is British Dennis really better than American Dennis?


  • Yes! 0.9 %
  • No! 0.1 %

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