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Top 20 Fun & Interesting Dove Cameron Facts!

We all know and love Dove Cameron for her turns in Disney's Liv and Maddie and the delightful Descendants series... but what else do we know about the popular actress and singer? Get ready for the Dove dish, it's fact time!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 22nd 2022

1. Dove Cameron isn't her real name

Dove Cameron was born Chloe Celeste Hosterman on January 15, 1996. She took the name 'Dove' as a tribute to her father who gave her the nickname when she was little.

2. Dove has weird food tastes

One of Dove's favourite treats is chocolate brownies dipped in RANCH DRESSING. Yes, that's what Dove Cameron calls a treat. Fair enough!

3. Dove can speak French

Dove is of French descent and can speak a little bit of the lingo. She also has some Russian, Slovak and Hungarian ancestry which she is super proud of!

4. Dove already has an Emmy!

That's right, our Dove is a high achiever! In 2018 she won an Outstanding Performer in a Children’s program Emmy for her work as the titular twins on the Disney Channel hit Liv and Maddie. Nice!

5. Dove LOVES cats!

You can often see Dove cuddling up with her beautiful black cat on Instagram. She has loved cats since she was a child, and used to have a pet cat named Fern, who sadly passed away after eighteen years.

6. Dove used to have a crush on a skeleton

Dove claims that her first ever crush was on Jack Skellington, the singing hero from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. That may be a little creepy but we kinda get it!

7. Dove once dated her descendants co-star Thomas Doherty

Sadly Dove and Thomas have now broken up, which is a shame as the pair have matching tattoos! They both remain friends though and say that they still care about each other, which is sweet.

8. Dove’s Mum once wrote a children’s book

Even though Dove’s mum wrote the book, it was never published. She wrote it purely for her own children and used to read it to them at night. Dove, her sister and her mum all got matching tattoos based on the book, in French.

9. Dove was nearly in the 2010 film True Grit

Dove auditioned for the role which was ultimately given to Hailee Steinfeld. Some years later Dove and Hailee went on to star in the teen spy comedy Barely Lethal together.

10. Both of Dove’s parents were artists

Dove's Mum is a poet and author, and her father was a cook and a pianist. At one point, her parents also jointly ran a jewellery company and would travel the world looking for inspiration, taking their children with them.

11. Dove would love to play Spider-Gwen for real!

She already plays Spider-Gwen in the animated show Marvel’s Rising but Dove has also said that she wants to play the character in a live action movie. We don't know if it'd happen but we'd love to see it!

12. Dove has a very specific favourite coffee

No simple black coffee for Dove! She liked to have a venti (extra large) iced coffee made with soy milk and not too much ice. Feel the FACT!

13. Dove is originally from Seattle

Even though she moved to LA when she was fourteen years old, Dove grew up on Bainbridge Island which is just a short ferry ride away from Seattle.

14. Dove used to be in a band called 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher'

The other member of the band was Dove’s Liv and Maddie co-star Ryan McCartan whom she dated for a while. When they split up, the band did too - but not before releasing and EP called ‘Negatives’ which can still be found on Spotify and YouTube.

15. Dove is a massive Doctor Who fan!

According to Dove, she is a "big Doctor Who fan. I am one Doctor Who mug away from being captain of the Doctor Who fans."

16. Dove’s favourite burger topping is jam!

No comment from Dove yet on what kind of jam - but our money is on raspberry seedless.

17. Dove puts olive oil in her hair

Dove has said one of her best beauty tips is that he puts olive oil in her hair. She says the oil goes in at night and then gets washed it out in the morning, leaving her hair super soft. Oil fact!

18. Dove has memorised how to spell 'antidisestablishmentarianism' 

When her sister told her it was the longest word she knew, Dove decided to learn how to spell it! She learned when she was six years old and can do it in under 3 seconds. Crikey!

19. Dove only ever drink out of mugs

Whatever the drink - even water - Dove cannot drink it unless it's in a mug.

20. Dove Loves Airports

She has said that airports provide her with "killer people-watching opportunities". We've never seen Dove Cameron at the airport, but hopefully she's not lurking in the shadows and watching us. Flattering but unnerving!