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Draw So Cute: Which Video Should I Watch?

There are lots of art tutorials, but not many like Draw So Cute! But which should you watch!?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 19th 2023

Your time is precious, especially when it comes to making cute, beautiful works of art. So let’s see which one of their videos is best suited to you and your art style and you can get cracking straight away! Let’s get pens, pencils and paper on hand because in a few short minutes we’re going to be riding the art train! Choo Choo!


Which is most important to you?


You’ve dropped your sketchbook in a wet muddy puddle, what do you do?


What is your favourite colour?


You’re drawing a snake, where do you start?


What is most important about art for you?


Art can mean lots of things, which is your favourite?


A moose has stolen your paints, what do you do?


You’ve made a mistake on a drawing, what do you do?


You have to draw an animal, which do you choose?


You’re entering an art competition what do you submit?

DrawSoCute | YouTube


Amazing! According to your answers, we think that you should head over to Draw So Cute and look up their Mer-Cat video! This video will teach you, in a few easy steps, exactly how to draw a Mermaid crossed with a Cat! How neat is that!? After all, cats are cool (except when they eat birds) and so are Mermaids - so what’s not to love!?

DrawSoCute | YouTube

Freddy Faz-Bear!

Alright! You’re the kind of artist that likes their work to be shocking, scary, and a bit different from other people! That’s why we think that you should check out the Freddy Faz-Bear tutorial so you can learn how to include Faz Bear in all of your artworks! How does that sound?! Spooky right?!

DrawSoCute | YouTube


Amazing! Your answers tell us that you should probably check out Draw So Cute’s video tutorial that covers the amazing Studio Ghibli character No-Face! This art style is one of the cleanest, sharpest and most recognisable in the world! So if you can learn this, well, a lot of doors open for you! So let’s get into it!

DrawSoCute | YouTube


Nice! Judging by the answers you’ve given you should have a look at the Bingo drawing tutorial! Remember Bingo? Of course you do, this kind hearted hound is a real hero so why not learn how to draw them?! There are so many different tutorials on offer it’s good to start with something a bit familiar right?