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How to Draw a Wanted Poster!

Make yourself an outlaw!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

Wanted! A cool poster! There's a wrong 'un running round your town (house) and you need everyone to know who to look out for! Here's how to make a cool wild west style wanted poster! 

You will need: Pencils, paper, pens, glue, scissors (and an adult to help you with them!)

Step One: Choose your target

Who's wanted? Who's committed a terrible crime? Did your dog wipe his bum all over the sofa? Did your dad eat all the biscuits? Or maybe YOU are the outlaw and you want everyone know they should watch out!

Step Two: Draw the Outline

Get a piece of poster paper and draw a square in the middle - that's where you outlaw will go. Then put your information around it - who, what and how big the reward is. Maybe it's £1 million - or maybe it's control of the tv for the weekend!Bonus points if you can get your poster paper to look really old  - you can either stain it with an old teabag or paint it brown and crumple it up!

Step Three: Place your target's picture

Now add your picture - this could be a photograph, or a drawing you've done yourself. Go wild! Add all sort of extras if you have them - googly eyes, silly hair, anything you want! 

Step Four: Choose a location

Where are you going to hang your poster? It needs to be somewhere everyone can see it and know exactly who to look out for! But maybe check with your parents before you stick stuff on the walls - even outlaws have to respect their elders.