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Draw With Rob: Which Video Should I Watch?

Are you an artist? What will you make today? Take this super-arty Draw With Rob video quiz and find out what you should draw next!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 27th 2023

Are you a young artist trying to practise your skills and work out what your style is? Then you probably already know about Draw with Rob! On his Youtube channel there are tons of handy videos showing you exactly how to draw all kinds of things... from cute cartoon characters to animals and even Christmas cards! You can learn a lot from any of Rob's videos - but which one should you watch today?

Luckily we have a quiz that'll help you pick! And it starts.... NOW!

1/10 An artist painting

What do you like using the most?

2/10 A canvas with a painting of a heart

And what do you like to draw ON?


You draw because...

4/10 An artist using his hands to create a frame

Which of these do you like drawing most?

5/10 Someone drawing a manga

What kind of art style do you like most?

6/10 An arty Youtuber

Apart from Rob's videos, what do you like watching?

@Draw With Rob | Youtube

Can you guess the name of this video by Draw with Rob?

8/10 A sad looking dog

What kind of facial expessions do you like drawing most?

@Draw With Rob | Youtube

Do you like coming up with stories to go along with your pictures?


Pick some shapes:

@Draw With Rob | Youtube

You should watch Draw A Bear Hug!

In this video Rob draws a lovely picture of two bears hugging! This video is perfect if you wantto learn how to drw bears, but also happy scenes and fur. Fur is pretty tricky to get right, too! Good choice! Rather watch a different video? Have another go at this quiz!

@Draw With Rob | Youtube

You should watch Draw A Pineapple!

This video is a great choice! In it Rob shows us how to draw a very cool pineapple character, complete with sunglasses and a refreshing drink in it's hand! This video is another great one for learning how to draw smiling faces, and cartoon hands! Which can be pretty hard to draw. But Rob makes it look easy! Rather draw somnething else? Take this quiz again for another suggestion!

@Draw With Rob | Youtube

You should watch Draw A Pangolin!

In this video Rob shows us how to draw a real exotic animal - the mysetrious pangolin! This scaly creature is great fun to draw, and Rob's video is really useful if you want to get better at drawing different shapes. There are circles there, triangles... all sorts! Rather draw a different creature? Take this quiz again and we'll suggest another!

@Draw With Rob | Youtube

You should watch Draw A Picasso-style Portrait!

This one is a great video for any budding artist! In this video Rob shows us how to draw like the super-famous artist Pablo Picasso! Picasso was an amazing artist who was famous for his strange use of shapes. And with this video you can learn his style! If this isn't your cup of tea don't worry - you can always take this quiz again and we'll suggest another!