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Dream SMP: The Ultimate CaptainPuffy Quiz!

How much do you know about this Dream SMP gamer? Take the quiz now and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2022
1/12 A scene from Minecraft
Minecraft | Mojang Studios, 4J Studios

In which year did CaptainPuffy begin playing Minecraft?

2/12 A gamer playing the classic Pong

Ready for the next question? CaptainPuffy was born in 1998. What was the biggest-selling game of that year?

3/12 Colourful cupcakes

On which day does CaptainPuffy celebrate her birthday?

4/12 A close-up of an insect

What winged insect is she afraid of?

5/12 Pokémon character Jigglypuff
Pokémon | OLM, Inc.| The Pokémon Company International

Her name was inspired by the Pokémon character Jigglypuff. True or false?

6/12 CaptainPuffy nametag

CaptainPuffy's friends call her Cara, but what is her actual name?

7/12 How tall is CaptainPuffy?
@cptpuffy | Instagram

What is CaptainPuffy's height in Beanos, if one comic equals 1cm?

8/12 USA map and CaptainPuffy
@cptpuffy | Instagram

In which part of the USA does she live?

9/12 Left or right handed?

Is CaptainPuffy right or left-handed?

10/12 Dream SMP

CaptainPuffy was the third woman to join the Dream SMP. Who were the first two?

11/12 Captain Puffy's YouTube channel
Captain Puffy | YouTube

How does CaptainPuffy describe herself on her YouTube channel?

12/12 Captain Puffy dressed as Robin Hood
@cptpuffy | Instagram

What's been the most popular video on her YouTube channel?

Oh no
@cptpuffy | Instagram

Oh no! Maybe try again soon.

Result: Good try

Good try! Not a bad effort, actually.

Result: Great work
@cptpuffy | Instagram

Great work! You know a fair bit about CaptainPuffy, don't you?

Result: Wow
@cptpuffy | Instagram

Wow! A perfect score. Is your name Cara, by any chance?