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Dream SMP: The Ultimate ItsAlyssa Quiz

Do you love Dream SMP and its superstar team? Then let’s test your knowledge about Dream SMP citizen Alyssa a.k.a ItsAlyssa!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What is Dream SMP member Alyssa’s official Instagram and Twitter handle?

2/12 A map of the USA showing the different states

Where does Alyssa live?


Alyssa is a coder for Dream SMP BadBoyHalo’s server - what is that server called?

4/12 Dream SMP | Minecraft | Mojang

What did Alyssa do on the 10th September 2020 that got the Dream SMP world talking?

5/12 A sphynx cat and a black and white tabby cat

What are Alyssa’s two cats called?


Which other Dream SMP member is Alyssa rumoured to be dating?


What does Alyssa usually wear in the world of Dream SMP?


Where did Alyssa build her house in Dream SMP?

9/12 Sculk growths in Minecraft

What feature does Alyssa famously have in her Dream SMP house?

10/12 Lush Cave in Minecraft update

Dream fought alongside Alyssa in what Dream SMP event?


Which Dream SMP member is said to have a ‘strange vendetta’ against Alysssa?


Why did Alyssa help Ponk?


Amazing! You got a PERFECT score... you really know your ItsAlyssa trivia. Current SMP level: EXPERT. rnAn absolutely outstanding result, well done!

Pretty good

Pretty Good! While not an absolutely PERFECT score, you certainly know your Dream SMP trivia. A very respectable result. Great job!

Not so hot!

Not so hot! You got a few correct however and that’s not to be sneezed at... Why not watch a few Dream SMP adventures and try again?

Oh Dear!

Oh dear! It looks like you you need to swot up on your Dream SMP! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?