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The Ultimate Drinks Trivia Quiz!

How much do you know about refreshing beverages? Test your trivia by taking this pop quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/10 A bottle of Coca-Cola

In which year was Coca-Cola first sold in a glass bottle?

2/10 Pepsi Cola sign

What was Pepsi originally called?

3/10 Orangina

In which country was Orangina created?


How many Coca-Cola products are served every day?


What's the best-selling drink in Scotland?

6/10 Sodastream

In which country was SodaStream invented?

7/10 Pucko

What three ingredients are used to make the Swedish drink Pucko?

8/10 A scientist on a stamp

Fizzy drinks wouldn't be possible without carbonated water. Who discovered it by accident in 1767?


What fruit is used to make Ribena?

10/10 A drink in space

What was the first fizzy drink to be enjoyed in space?

Oh no

Oh no! More of a water person, are we?

Good try

Good try! Why not have another go?

Great work! Youโ€™ve clearly enjoyed a soft drink or two!

Wow! We will know call you Professor Beverage!