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Test Your Dylan Zitkus Know-How With This TikTok-Tastic quiz!

Do you love Dylan Zitkus? But how well do you know this Tik Tok star and his hilarious videos? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 15th 2022

Have you seen this one-man Tik Tok comedy machine? Dylan Zitkus is one of the biggest (and funniest) comedians on the web right now, and his short sketches are just getting more and more popular. Test your knowledge of this up and coming Tik Tok star here!

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Ok, back to the main event!


What platform is Dylan Zitkus most famous on?


How would you describe Dylan?

@notdzitkus | tik tok

Dylan NEVER used filters in his videos. True or false?


Which of these sports is Dylan most into?

@dezitkus | Instagram

What's Dylan's account name on TikTok?

6/10 A close up of the UK on a map

Where was Dylan born?

@notdzitkus | tik tok

Which of these is NOT a real video of his?

@charlidamelio | instagram

Which of these celebrities has he worked with?


Dylan mostly does... what?

10/10 iPhone Jokes

What happened to his first Tik Tok account?

@notdzitkus | tik tok

Ouch Dylan is not too pleased with this! You'd better get yoursef back over to Tik Tok and watch some more of his videos! Then come back and see if you can get a better score on this next time. Good luck, brave Zitkus fan!

@notdzitkus | tik tok

Not bad! Pretty good, in fact! You could probably do a bit better though if you had another go - maybe try again? Or see if you can get a better score on another of our epic Tik Tok quizzes!

@notdzitkus | tik tok

Yes! Well done - this is a great score! Dylan would be very pleased! You just missed out on full marks though... do you know where you went wrong? Try another quiz and see if you can get 100%

@notdzitkus | tik tok

Woah! High score! You know more about Dylan ZItkus than... he does! Excellent work. You're a tik tok expert! Now, can you get another high score on a different quiz? We've got plenty to choose from!