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Can You Score a Worldie in this FC 24 Quiz?

Are you an FC 24 expert? Let your trivia skills do the talking in this tricky quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 14th 2024

If you love football and gaming, then chances are you've played EA Sports FC 24 A LOT. But how much do you know about the game itself, other than mashing the buttons in the hope of scoring an amazing goal against your mates? Take this quiz and find out!

1/10 A blurred Man City player

Which footballer is featured on the cover of the standard edition of FC 24?


Which player features on the Ultimate Edition packaging?

3/10 A man on a silver laptop decorated with a football sticker
EA Sports

What type of technology was featured on FC 24?

4/10 A goalkeeper saving the ball

Which two goalkeepers were included on the EA Sports FC 24 Teams of the Year?

5/10 Lionel Messi in his Inter Miami shirt

Which men's player is ranked highest?

6/10 Mary Earps

Which women's player is ranked highest?

7/10 Kevin De Bruyne

What's Kevin De Bruyne's passing rating on FC 24?

8/10 Sam Kerr's FC 24 ratings
EA Sports

What is Chelsea WFC star Sam Kerr's overall rating on FC 24?

9/10 The Spanish flag and a football emoji

Ranked at 11, Caroline Graham Hansen plays for Norway and which Spanish side?

10/10 Harry Maguire in FC 24
EA Sports

According to EA Sports, how many players are featured in FC 24?

Result: Oh No
EA Sports

Oh no! You're clearly a FC 24 fan otherwise you'd have taken a different quiz. Not the result you wanted? Have another go!

Result: Good Try
EA Sports

Good try! Some of these questions were pretty tricky and we're sure you're dynamite when it comes to playing the actual game. Not the result you wanted? Have another go!

Result: Great Work
EA Sports

Great work! You know loads about FC 24 and all the different players who star in the game. Not the result you wanted? Have another go – you've got this. You might even get a perfect score!

Result: Wow
EA Sports

Wow! You appear to know EVERYTHING about FC 24, whether it's scoring a worldie in extra time or knowing the stats of the best players. Congratulations!