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Earth Quiz

Test your planet Earth knowledge with this incredible quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 1st 2021

Earth Quiz

1/10 Earth's core

What's at the Earth's core (the bit in the middle)?

2/10 Roman god statue

Which Roman god was Earth named after?

3/10 The sea

What % of the Earth's surface is covered in water?

4/10 The Earth

True or false - the Earth is perfectly round?

5/10 Crowd

How many people live on Earth?

6/10 Canyon

What's a tectonic plate?

7/10 The Earth

How long does Earth take to rotate on it's axis (spin round)? 

8/10 The Earth

How old is the Earth?

9/10 Flat Earth

True or False - in the past, people thought the Earth was flat?

10/10 Solar System

How large is Earth compared to other planets in the solar system?

Amazing Result

Woah, you know a lot about Earth! Which is good, because it's where you live! Well done! 

Well done result

Nice work, you're obviously an Earth fan. It's probably you're favourite planet you've ever lived on.  Impressive. 

Try again result

Well you know a bit about Earth, but there's loads more to learn - try again and see if you learn anything new!

Oh no result

Oh no, you're clearly not much of an Earth fan! In fact you probably come from Mars....try the quiz again and see if you do any better!