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Easy Anagrams Quiz: Can You Get Them All Right?

Can you solve all of these not-so-tricky word puzzles? Have a go at this easy anagrams quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 1st 2021

An anagram is a word that can be jumbled up into another word. So like PAT = TAP. Can you work out the hidden words from these clues?

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What could this word be?


It purrs like a... Hmm.


It's a small, green vegetable. It's a...


What could this be?


It's a sheepy animal. What is it?


The Great British Beak Off!


This one's a bit harder! Any ideas?


Any ideas?


What could this bear be rearranged as?


What a great aide! Said nobody ever.

Uh oh. No high score for you today, friend. Try a different quiz?

Pretty decent! But could be better - can you beat this score on another quiz?

Good job! You know your anagrams! But can you get a high score on a different quiz? Have a go!

Amazing! You nailed this quiz! Can you get another high score on a different word quiz?