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Easy Halloween Quiz Questions and Answers 2023!

How much do you know about the spoooooookiest night of the year?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 16th 2023
1/10 A cat and a ghost

Halloween happens not once, but twice during a leap year. True or false?

2/10 Kitten on pumpkin on black background

Which of these colour schemes are usually associated with Halloween?

3/10 A bulldog looking sad at Halloween

Which of these vegetables are traditionally carved at Halloween? 

4/10 Black cat on wooden background with pumpkin

What is Trick or Treating?

5/10 Cat batting at autumn leaves with screaming pineapple

Which fruit do you go 'bobbing' for at Halloween parties?

6/10 Cat with halloween decorations on black and white background

What do people dress up as on Halloween?

7/10 Cat surrounded by leaves and gourds

What date is Halloween?

8/10 Cat and dog with Halloween decorations

Which of these foods is traditionally dipped in toffee on Halloween?

9/10 Cat in devil hoodie on bed

Which of these is NOT a Halloween film?

10/10 Kitten in cauldron with broom on orange background

Which of these might you NOT expect to see in a Haunted House?

Amazing result thumbnail

Incredible! You're Halloween's biggest fan!

Well done, you love Halloween!

Try again result thumbnail

Not bad, but we bet you can do better! Have another go!

Uh oh result thumbnail

Uh oh, looks like someone HATES Halloween! But FANGS for trying!