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Easy Minecraft Quiz

Can you beat our Easy Minecraft Quiz. It's perfect for Minecraft noobs or parents who don't know anything about computer games.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 8th 2022

Do you know what Minecraft is?

2/9 Weird Minecraft Chickens or something
Minecraft | Mojang

What is it called when you first enter the Minecraft world?


What do you get when you kill the Ender Dragon?


I'm eighty years old. Can I play Minecraft?

Minecraft | Mojang

Where is the End Portal?


What four mobs are in the Ether


7/9 Where is Mojang, the company that makes Minecraft, based?


Which of these can happen in the Minecraft world?


Mobs spawn at...

Minecraft | Mojang

Minecraft Noob. Well you already knew this. Get a friend to show you what's what with Minecraft, then get building.

Minecraft | Mojang

Well Done. You might not know everything but you know enough to start gaming. What are you still doing reading this!?

You're an Elite Level Minecrafter. I guess you already knew this. To be honest I think you should be doing a harder minecraft quiz, you big show off!