Trivia Quiz: Ed Sheeran's Tattoo or False?

Ed Sheeran has some... interesting tattoos. Can you spot the fake ones? It's harder than you think!

Image by badbandtattoos | Twitter

Ed Sheeran has a tattoo that says "Gangnam Style" on his forearm

Image by teddysphotos | Instagram

Ed Sheeran has a massive lion tattooed on his chest.

Image by sportingawayday | Twitter

Ed Sheeran is a big West Ham fan and loves the team so much he has this tattooed on his back. Amazing!

Image by MTV

Ed Sheeran has his favourite TV show - Fresh Prince of Bel Air - tattooed on his arm

Image by jerod harris / wireimage

Ed Sheeran has a LEGO figurine head and a cat's paw print on his arm

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Image by Sir5000 | Twitter

Ed Sheeran got this tattoo to mark the birth of his 3rd child, Emilio "Potato" Sheeran

Image by tattremovalwpg | Twitter

Ed Sheeran has this drawing of Barack Obama on his left foot

Image by teddysphotos | Instagram

Ed Sheeran has his favourite brand of sauce tattooed on his arm


Ed Sheeran has a tattoo of a penguin. But which penguin tattoo is it?

Image by elpulsomashable | twitter

Ed Sheeran has this tattoo of an onion in his armpit

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