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The Ultimate Emily Dobson Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 26th 2022

How much do you know about this awesome dancer, TikTokker and Youtuber? Test your trivia here and see what you know about Emily!

1/12 Houston Skyline

Where was Emily born?

2/12 Woman singing into hairbrush

What is Emily famous for?

3/12 Emily Dobson
Emily Dobson | YouTube

When is Emily's birthday?

4/12 The Squad Screenshot
Piper Rockelle | YouTube

What's the name of the influencer group she's part of?

5/12 Emily Dobson and Friends
Emily Dobson | YouTube

How old was she when she started dancing?

6/12 Someone playing flute with added giraffe

What else does Emily enjoy doing?

7/12 Emily and friends
Emily Dobson | YouTube

How many TikTok followers does she have?

8/12 Emily and friends
Emily Dobson | YouTube

True or false: Emily has a YouTube channel?

9/12 Ballet shoes with added pineapple

What was the first type of dance Emily learned?

10/12 Emily Dobson
Emily Dobson | YouTube

What year did Emily perform at the California Star Ball?

11/12 Lion on starry background

What's her star sign?

12/12 Emily Dobson
Emily Dobson | YouTube

Who is her closest friend in The Squad?

Emily Dobson | YouTube

Incredible! You're Emily's biggest fan and you probably love dance too!


Well done! You know loads about Emily!


Not bad, but there's more to learn about Emily! Try again!


Uh oh, looks like you're not that clued up on Emily facts! Have another go!