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Emma and Ed’s How to Draw Challenge: Lobster Claws!

Ever wanted to learn how to easily draw Beano characters? If the answers yes, you're in the right place!

Ever wanted to learn how to easily draw Beano characters? 

If so, you’re in the right place, because Emma and Ed are here to show you how.. using lobster claws! And with the wrong hand! And blindfolded. 

Can you do better? (We bet you can!).

And to make things easier than we’ve made them for Emma and Ed, you can now learn how to make your own awesome characters using How To Make a Comic from the Beano!

This epic activity book is filled with everything you need to make your own amazing comic including:

• A step-by-step guides to drawing your favourite Beano characters

• Story generators to create hilarious adventures

• Top tips from real Beano artists

• Comic strips to complete, and blank strips to fill in

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a pencil and create comic chaos!

? And to get your hands on a copy of How To Draw a Comic, just click the link below! ?