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Hardest Ever Emoji Quiz Pop Groups

Put your emoji sleuthing skills to the test and figure out which bands we've spelt out here in this Emoji Pop Group Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 1st 2022

Can you figure out which bands we're talking about from these emoji clues? Put yourself to the test and find out which pop groups these emojis spell out! And if you liked this, check out more emoji quizzes here! Try this 80's songs emoji quiz for more music, or how about this TV show emoji quiz? We've even got this country emoji quiz for globetrotters!

1/10 Emoji puzzle

Which group does this represent?

2/10 Emoji puzzle

What about this one?

3/10 Emoji puzzle

Is this meant to be Little Mix ?

4/10 Emoji puzzle

Which boyband is this?

5/10 Emoji puzzle

Who is this?

6/10 Emoji puzzle

What about this?

7/10 Emoji puzzle

Is this the Beatles?

8/10 Emoji puzzle

Which 70s band is this?

9/10 Emoji puzzle

Guess who this is

10/10 Emoji puzzle

Lastly - what could this represent?

Fail result

Nooooo! You failed to get a single question right! Never mind, you can always have another go and challenge yourself to get something right in this tricky pop band emoji quiz!

Try again result

You got some of the questions right, and it's a pretty tricky music quiz, but you'll need to do better than that to get top marks! Try again!

Good job result

Nice job! You're a skilled emoji decoder AND you know all about music, congrats! But can you get 10/10 next time?

Wow result

Incredible! You've decoded every single clue! You're a master of both emojis AND pop bands! Tell your mates and show off about how great you are at emoji quizzes!