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Emoji Sentence Quiz For Brainboxes

There's no way you can get full marks on this emoji sentence quiz! Look at these pictures and try and work out what phrases they represent! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 23rd 2022

Can you figure out what these emojis are saying? It's time to put your code breaking to the test with this emoji sentence quiz! And if you liked this, check out more emoji quizzes here! How about this tricky Food Emoji Quiz? Or this awesome 80s Songs Emoji Quiz!

1/10 Emoji Quiz

What common phrase is this?

2/10 Emoji Quiz

What about this one?

3/10 Emoji Quiz

What wise saying is this spelling out?

4/10 Emoji Quiz

Can you guess what this says?

5/10 Emoji Quiz

How about this one?

6/10 Emoji Quiz

What does this say?

7/10 Emoji Quiz

We bet you can't guess this popular phrase!

8/10 Emoji Quiz

How about this one?

9/10 Emoji Quiz

This one?

10/10 Emoji Quiz

Finally, what phrase are these emojis spelling out?

Fail result

Uh oh, looks like you've failed to guess a single sentence! Never mind, you can always try again!

Try again result

Not bad, but we know your detective skills are better than that! Have another go and see if you get any more right!

Good job result

Nice job! Your obviously a top code breaker, because you got loads right! But can you get full marks next time?

Wow result

Woah, someone's officially an emoji expert, because you got full marks! Incredible!