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Extra Extraterrestrial Emoji Space Quiz!

How well do you know space? Can you nail it with emojis alone? Let’s see!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2023

Space is huge, unimaginably huge and maybe there are aliens out there, but what kind of language do you think they’d use to talk to each other? Maybe they’d use emojis? So let’s see if you've got the emoji brain power for this truly cosmic quiz? Let’s go!


Which planet has these?


What is this?


Which planet is this?


Which planet is this?


Hint: This planet is in Disney!


What is missing here?


Well done if you answered ‘Gas’ - but which planet is called a ‘Gas Giant’?


What do old school Thermometers have inside them?


Name this space rock!


What is this?

Uh oh! Don’t worry, although this isn’t the best result, it's probably because you don’t use emojis that often, and that’s ok! In fact, it might be a good thing, after all, you can’t write a story just using emojis! Or can you? Who knows, but what is clear is that you need to brush up on your space knowledge - so let’s take a deep breath and go again!

Nice! Great effort, you’ve scored pretty well on this quiz! You certainly know a thing or two about space, not to mention emojis! Great work! Maybe when astronauts start texting their commands to the Hubble Space station you can apply to read them? But why not try the quiz again see if you can get 100%?!

Amazing, what a great score, you nearly got 100%! You were definitely in the top group at emoji school, that’s for sure! You’re so close it would almost be a shame not to try and get full marks - so take a deep breath and try again, let’s see if you can show off how much you really know about space!

Epic! You’ve smashed this quiz so far into orbit it’s become a satellite! Well done! There’s not much you don’t know about space! Maybe you should think about becoming a scientist, because not only have you got the knowledge, but you know exactly how to get info across, even if you can’t use words! Nice one!