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Pick These Emojis and We'll Tell You Your Star Sign

Want to know your star sign but only want to talk in emojis? Then this is the quiz for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 23rd 2023

Star signs, everyone's got one - and according to those who believe in them they can have a huge effect on your relationships, the way you life your life, and even what kinds of food you like to eat. Of course, plenty of people disagee and think it's nonsense.

But whatever you believe, you can now find out what star sign you belong to with this ridiculous emoji picture quiz! It does exactly what it says in the title… you just choose some emojis and we'll take it from there!

Ready to find out? Let's get quizzing!

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1/10 Right! Pick a mood!

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2/10 And another!

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3/10 Now a hand gesture:

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4/10 How about an animal?

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5/10 And fruit or veg?

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6/10 Pick a weather emoji!

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7/10 Keep going!

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8/10 Now one of these objects:

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9/10 Hmmm... what will you pick?

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10/10 Last one! Let's go!

You're an Aquarius!

Congratulations, you're an Aquarius! You have a breezy and friendly personality and are known for being super imaginative and creative. You're full of brilliant ideas and have an amazing ability to think outside the box - especially when it comes to planning fun things to do! Sound like you? Great! If not, why not try a different star sign personality quiz? We have lots more!

You're an Aries!

You're an awesome Aries! You have an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm, which is handy as you're a natural-born leader and are always ready to take charge of any situation. You're bursting with creativity and have a natural talent for starting exciting projects. Your friends know they can count on you for an adrenaline-fueled good time! Would you rather be a different star sign? Have another go and see what you get next time!

You're a Scorpio!

Like a stealthy scorpion, you have a mysterious and intense aura about you. You're incredibly passionate about everything you do and you're not afraid of anything. Well, almost. With a super sharp and focussed mind, you're an expert at solving puzzles and figuring out secrets. Sound about right? Let's see what you get on a different personality quiz!

You're a Virgo!

You're incredibly organized and always have everything under control. You're the most reliable friend anyone could have, and you're a master at finding solutions to tricky problems. You're kind and are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. The world needs more Virgos! Or would you rather be a diffrent star sign? Have another go and see what you get!