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This Emoji Train Station Quiz Is Harder Than It Steams!

Are you an expert in emojis AND train stations? No? Someone probably is. Get on the right track with this train-tastic emoji quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 1st 2022

There are a lot of train stations in the world - and there are a lot of emojis! We've come up with 10 pretty tricky picture clues that are hinting at a real life train station. You'll have to think out of the box with this one - not least because it's quite hard to spell things out with emojis!

Anyway - take this quiz and see if you can match the clues with the train station!


What train station are we hinting at here?


Any ideas? Hint - it's in New York!


OK, this one is from the London tube network. Place bets now!


This bean thing MIGHT be an organ inside the human body. Does that help?


Hmmm. What famous bear is also a train station?


It's a station in England, it's... what?


Back to London! What train station are we hinting at here?


If you're stuck try saying it out loud!


A tricky one!


It's a big station in London - it's... what?

Oh dearie dear. This isn't very good. You call yourself an emoji trainspotter? You'd better have another go - and fast! If you don't think you can manage it, why not try one of our other emoji quizzes?

Pretty good! You know your emojis! This is a decent score but you did miss out on quite a few correct answers. Have another go? If you don't fancy it you can always try and get a higher score on a different emoji quiz!

Yes! This is more like it! What a score! You really know a lot of train station... and your emoji spotting skills aren't bad either! YOu still missed out on a couple of right answers, but never mind... see if you can beat this score on another quiz?

YEEEAH! Amazing! High score! You're a real train buff, clearly! Excellent score and top marks. If you fancy following up this result with another quiz - take your pick from any of our other ones. Go on, you deserve it!