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End of Year Trip Quiz: Where Will You Go?

Want to go on holiday but don't know where? Take this test to find out your perfect summer holiday destination!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

HOOO-EEE it's been a long year. Or two. What we need is a holiday... but where? Where on Earth could possibly be the ideal place to relax after the year we've all had?

Let's find out!


Pick a snack:


How far are you willing to travel?


What kind of fun things do you like to do on holiday?


Pick an animal:

@Originals | Giphy

How adventurous are you?


Pick one:


What kind of food do you like eating on holiday?


What would you do if you missed your flight home?


How would you say "thank you" on holiday?


What do you like most about going on holiday?


Where would you rather stay?

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Pick a type of music:

You're going to Spain!

Ahh! Lovely Spain! The perfect place to relax, snoozing on a beach with a huge bucket of delicious paella. It's definitely a foreign country, but is very laid back and easy to get around. Lots of people speak English, and there are omelettes!

You're going to Wales!

You don't want a foreign holiday AT ALL! You're more than happy staying in a caravan in Bangor, or on a campsite in the Brecon Beacons. You have all the things you like - like howling rain and cheese toasties - but none of the sunburn or weird foreign food like "salad".

You're going to Florida, USA!

You're off to the home of theme parks, alligators and hurricanes! But ignore the hurricane thing for now, because you're off to have FUN! You're not too fussed about big open landscapes and much prefer cities - especially ones with roller coasters and water parks in!

You're going to Outer Mongolia!

You're DEFINITELY the more adventurous type! Your ideal holiday is a month spent in the empty Mongolian tundra, with nobody but horses and a guy called Borjigin for company. This isn't going to be a relaxing holiday, as you'll be up at 5am every day milking livestock and learning how to wrestle. But you did enough relaxing in lockdown right? You'd better hope so!

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