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How Much Do You Know About The England World Cup 2022 Heroes?

How much do you know about the 2022 England World Cup squad? Take the quiz and show your Three Lions knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 21st 2023

Are you a boffin when it comes to World Cup 2022 trivia? What about if we narrowed it down to just one team? Are you a champ when it comes to the England men's Qatar 2022 squad? Take these 10 questions and see how much you really know about the The Three Lions*!

* No actual lions were involved in the making of this quiz

1/10 A World Cup themed football

Which teams did England face in the first group stage match at Qatar 2022?

2/10 A sad goalkeeper

Which goalkeeper is NOT part of the World Cup squad?

3/10 Marcus Rashford
England football 2022 quiz

Marcus Rashford scored his first World Cup goal in Qatar. True or false?

4/10 A baby holding a football in a big stadium

Who is England's youngest player in the current squad?

5/10 Callum Wilson

Which club team does Callum Wilson play for?

6/10 Football fans celebrating a goal

Which team did England beat 3-0 to progress to the final 16 at Qatar 2022?

7/10 Harry Kane in a Spurs shirt

Before the World Cup started, how many goals had Harry Kane scored for England?

8/10 Clean feet in a bath

What is Phil Foden's preferred foot?

9/10 Bukayo Saka

In which year did Bukayo Saka make his senior team debut?

10/10 Jack Grealish and a stack of Beanos
@jackgrealish | Instagram

If a Beano is 1cm high, how tall is Jack Grealish?

Oh no

Oh no! Jordan Pickford is not happy. He's walking around the penalty box and wondering what happened! Can you have another go? Football believes in you!

Result: Good try

Good try! You know a bit about The Three Lions, but maybe you could do better. Why not have another go? You can do it!

Result: Great stuff

Great stuff! You know loads about The Three Lions but not quite enough to get a perfect score. What's that? You could do it if you had one more go? Go on, then!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a world champ when it comes to football quizzes, aren't you? You're a leader when it comes to sports knowledge. The Harry Kane of trivia! Boof! Back of the net!