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English Counties Quiz!

Take this epic quiz and test your county knowledge!

English Counties Quiz

1/8 Raining

Which county had the most rain in 2019?

2/8 Countryside

Which of these county names is spelled wrong? 

3/8 Village Sign

Which of these places did I make up?

4/8 Northumberland Flag

Which county does this flag belong to?

5/8 Durham

Durham is the capital town of which county?

6/8 London

London is made up of 8 counties, true or false?

7/8 Fish and chips

Which county has the most fish and chip shops?

8/8 Seaside

Where is the furthest point from the sea in the UK?

Amazing result

Woah, you're a county expert! They should make you Mayor of every county! Actually, I'm not sure if that's a thing. But well done!

Well done result

Nice work, you obviously enjoy looking at maps. Hey, you gotta have a hobby. 

Try again result

Hmm, well, hopefully you at least know which county YOU live in…?

Oh no result

Uh oh, you can't tell London from Leicestershire! Never travel alone!

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