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15 Enhypen Facts For K-Pop Stans

They're the next big hit from Big Hit Entertainment! But how much do you know about Enhypen? Read this list of record-breaking Kpop facts to find out!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  June 6th 2024

Enhypen is one of the biggest bands in Kpop right now, and eversince they started they've been going from strength to strength. So whether you've never heard of them before or you have their entire back catalogue, you should check out this list of Kpop facts and make sure your Enhypen knowledge is up to date!

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1. There are SEVEN of them!

Tamed-Dashed Music Video | Enhypen | Enhypen | Belift | Choi Yong-seok

Enhypen is seven people - Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki. They each bring different skills to the band. It seems like a lot of members if you compare it to your average Western band, but is actually pretty common in Korea. Some K-pop bands have even more members!

2. They're all seriously talented

The K-Pop group Enhyphen
Tamed-Dashed Music Video | Enhypen | Enhypen | Belift | Choi Yong-seok

Each member has a different focus in the band. Heesung is a talented singer and can hit some really high notes. Jay specialises in rapping, and is fluent in English so adds an international element. Jake and Sunoo are strong all-rounders, and Sunghoon and Niki are expert dancers. Jungwon is the leader of the group, and keeps them all in check! Which is no small job when there's 7 of them!

3. En-?

"ENHYPEN" isn't just a random word mashup; it's a play on "HYPE" and "HYPHEN". A hyphen is this dash symbol: -. Hyphens can be used to connect different words together, and the band try to do the same thing with their music. They might be the only K-pop band whose name is inspired by a punctuation mark!

4. They started off on a reality show

The band were put together on a survival relaity show called "I-Land". Thousands applied, but only 23 men joined the show, with the winning 7 joining Enhyphen. Six of the seven were voted on by the public, and the seventh was picked by the producers. And who was the producer's pick? Sunoo! They're all winners, really!

5. They have a Big Hitting management

BTS Music video
Big Hit Labels | YouTube

I-Land was organised by South Korean TV and Big Hit Entertainment - the HUGE pop music label that promotes some of the biggest names in K-pop. BTS and Tomorrow X Together are both on Big Hit, just to name a few. So we know Enhypen are well supported!

6. They cheered people up in the Pandemic

Enhypen | Youtube

Like most places, Covid hit South Korea hard. But the entertainment industry kept going, and Enhypen dropped their first mini album in November 2020 - right in the middle of the global emergency. Their first mini-album was BORDER: DAY ONE, featuring the track "Given-Taken".


Enhypen | Youtube

Despite all the uncertainty, their first release had six tracks and was a huge success! "BORDER: DAY ONE," sold over 300,000 copies within its first week! This put it at the top of the charts, ands it ended up being the most succesful EP in Korea in the whole of 2020!


Enhypen | Youtube

ENGENE is what Enhypen fans call themselves! Engene is another pun, that plays on engine and also includes the word "gene" - like being a fan of Enhypen is something that's built into your genes. Their fans are definitely that dedicated!

9. They're all Korean

Enhypen | Youtube

Some K-pop bands lately have included members who were born outside Korea, to help them appeal to international markets. Blackpink is a great example, and they are made up of members from Thailand, New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere. Often K-pop bands will record different versions in other langauges too, like Mandarin Chinese. But Enhypen is all Korean!

10. But they have an international twist

Enhypen | Youtube

That doesn't mean they're inward-looking though! Some of Enhypen were educated abroad. Jays is a Korean American, and Jake is an Australian Korean. This gives them a modern, international flavour! And helps with the singing in English, of course!

11. Sunghoon the skater

Sunghoon is well known for being athletic - and he owes some of it to ice skating! Before becoming a pop star, Sunghoon was a competitive figure skater! Which explains a lot - just look at his balance! And how rarely he falls over on his bum!

12. Ni-Ki is the youngest

Enhypen | Youtube

Ni-Ki is the youngest member of the group, who was only 15 years old in 2020! Despite being so young, Ni-Ki had already gained a lot of experience and was previously a contestant on the reality show "World of Dance"!

13. They got a lot of attention

Enhypen | Youtube

Because of how they started as a reality tv super group, ENHYPEN got a huge amount of press! Everyone in South Korea was obsessed with them! They now have fans all over the world, and groups from over 120 countries tune into watch their online events!

14. They're still chart-topping

Remember the success of their debut EP? That was nothing! In 2023, their album DARK BLOOD sold a whopping 1,322,516 copies in it's first week! Their sales just keep on breaking records, and this time - they broke their own!

15. They have a bright future

Enhypen | Youtube

ENHYPEN have a lot more to give! Which means their fans have a lot more to look forward to, as well! Their hots just keep getting bigger and bigger, and they're always pushing the Kpop sound to new and interesting places. You can be sure that they won't be slowing down any time soon!