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Epic Alesha Dixon Quiz

Test your Alesha Dixon knowledge in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Epic Alesha Dixon Quiz

1/8 Alesha Dixon
@Aleshaofficial | Instagram

Where is Alesha From?

2/8 Mis-Teeq
Alesha Dixon | Youtube

Which band did Alesha originally rise to fame as part of?

3/8 Alesha Dixon
@aleshaofficial | Instagram

What did Alesha want to be when she was younger?

4/8 Alesha Dixon
Britains Got Talent | Youtube

Which of these shows has Alesha NOT been a judge on?

5/8 Alesha Dixon
Alesha Dixon | Youtube

Which of Alesha's song's got her nominated for a BRIT award?

6/8 Alesha Dixon
Breaking Talent Showcase | Youtube

How many solo albums does Alesha have?

7/8 Alesha Dixon on Strictly
BBC Studios | Youtube

Which Strictly Come Dancing judge did Alesha replace when she joined the show?

8/8 Alesha Dixon
America's Got Talent | Youtube

How tall is Alesha?

Amazing, you're an Alesha Dixon superfan, she's be very impressed! You love her whether she's singing, dancing or mentoring! 

Well done result

Well done, you obviously love Alesha! Try again and see if your score can beat her biggest fans!

Try again result

Hmm, you know a little bit about Alesha but not loads. Have another go at the quiz and see if you can learn anything new!

Oh no result

Uh oh, you don't know much about Alesha! Maybe you're thinking of Alicia Keys? Try again!