Epic Alesha Dixon Quiz

Test your Alesha Dixon knowledge in this epic quiz!

Epic Alesha Dixon Quiz

Image by @Aleshaofficial | Instagram

Where is Alesha From?

Image by Alesha Dixon | Youtube

Which band did Alesha originally rise to fame as part of?

Image by @aleshaofficial | Instagram

What did Alesha want to be when she was younger?

Image by Britains Got Talent | Youtube

Which of these shows has Alesha NOT been a judge on?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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Image by Alesha Dixon | Youtube

Which of Alesha's song's got her nominated for a BRIT award?

Image by Breaking Talent Showcase | Youtube

How many solo albums does Alesha have?

Image by BBC Studios | Youtube

Which Strictly Come Dancing judge did Alesha replace when she joined the show?

Image by America's Got Talent | Youtube

How tall is Alesha?

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