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Epic Arsenal Quiz Of The Year

Can you hear the crowd roar? Pull up your red socks, tuck in your shin-pads, pull on the legendary red and white shirt and get ready to kiss the badge and play the Epic Arsenal Quiz of the year!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 21st 2023

Have you warmed up? It’s time to Kick off our Epic Arsenal Quiz of the Year!

1/20 A goal hitting the back of the net

Who is Arsenal's all-time top goalscorer?

2/20 Library Facts

Arsenal are in which part of London?

3/20 A person giving the thumbs up to a football and trophy

How many times have Arsenal won the Premier League?

4/20 A football stadium

Where do Arsenal play football?

5/20 A backpacker seemingly lost in space

Where did Arsenal used to play football?

6/20 Bukayo Saka

Which country does Arsenal dribbling whizzkid, Bukayo Saka play for?


7/20 What country does Arsenal’s master of the sliding tackle, Takehiro Tomiyasu play for?

8/20 A smiling football before a penalty kick

Which Arsenal and England player was the youngest to take a penalty in the 2021 Euro Finals against Italy?

9/20 Aaron Ramsdale

What team did goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale play for before Arsenal?


Arsenal sold legendary striker Thierry Henry to which Spanish club?

11/20 A football manager holding a ball

Arsenal Manager, Mikel Arteta, used to play for Arsenal. True or false?

12/20 A cat giggling at a tactics board

Which position did Arteta play before he became a manager?

13/20 Arsenal club badge

Which one of these is a former Arsenal legend?


14/20 Which country does Arsenal woman’s player Lotte Wubben-Moy play for?

15/20 Blue sports material

What is Arsenal’s 2023-24 third kit colour?

16/20 Two young children having a disagreement over a football

Who are Arsenal’s biggest rivals?

17/20 Two football fans

Arsenal’s nickname is what?


18/20 What country does Arsenal’s Kai Havertz play for?

19/20 A woman thinking about the answer to this question

What is on the Arsenal badge?

20/20 Declan Rice

Which team did Declan Rice leave to join Arsenal in 2023?

Result: Oh no

Oh dear. You’ve been relegated to the Championship League of trivia! Aaron Ramsdale thinks you should have another go!

Result: Good try

Good try, but in the best league on earth, that's an average performance. It’s just not good enough for a Gooner!

Result: Great work

Great work. You’ve qualified for Europe but have another go to see if you can win the league. It’s what every Arsenal fan longs for!

Result: Wow

You’ve won the trivia league! Get ready for your own statue to be built outside the ground. You are an Arsenal legend, like Bukayo Saka!