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Epic Arsenal Quiz Of The Year

Can you hear the crowd roar? Pull up your red socks, tuck in your shin-pads, pull on the legendary red and white shirt and get ready to kiss the badge and play the Epic Arsenal Quiz of the year!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2021

Have you warmed up? It’s time to Kick off our Epic Arsenal Quiz of the Year!

1/20 A football stadium

Where do Arsenal play football?

2/20 A backpacker seemingly lost in space

Where did Arsenal use to play football?

3/20 England footballer Bukayo Saka

Which country does Arsenal dribbling whizzkid, Bukayo Saka play for?


4/20 What country does Arsenal’s master of the sliding tackle, Takehiro Tomiyasu play for?

@arsenalfc | Instagram

What country does Arsenal legend, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang play for?

6/20 A smiling football before a penalty kick

Which Arsenal and England player was the youngest to take a penalty in the 2021 Euro Finals against Italy?


7/20 What nationality is the Arsenal goalkeeper, Bernd Leno?

8/20 A diving goalkeeper

What team did goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale (not pictured) play for before Arsenal?


Arsenal sold legendary striker, Thierry Henry to which Spanish Club?


Manchester United Manager, Mikel Arteta, used to play for Arsenal. True or False


Which position did Mikel Arteta play before he became a manager?


Which one of these is a former Arsenal legend?


13/20 Which country does Arsenal woman’s player Mana Iwabuchi play for?


14/20 What is Arsenal’s 2021 away kit colour?


Who are Arsenal’s biggest rivals?


Arsenal’s nickname is what?


17/20 Which country does Alexandre Lacazette play for?


18/20 What country does Arsenal’s tough tackling Granit Xhaka play for?


What is on the Arsenal badge?


20/20 And for what country does Martin Ødegaard play international football?

Oh dear. You’ve been relegated!

Oh no! What an average performance. It’s just not good enough for a Gooner!

Not bad at all. You’ve qualified for Europe but have another go to see if you can win the league. It’s what every Arsenal fan longs for!

You’ve won the league! Get ready for your own statue to be built outside the ground. You are an Arsenal legend!