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Epic Mary Seacole Quiz

When Mary Seacole heard news of British soldiers going off to Russia to fight in the bloody battles of the Crimean War, she wanted to help. She didn’t let anybody stand in her way on her quest to help save lives!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 12th 2022

I had from early youth a yearning for medical knowledge and practice which never deserted me…

How will you do in our Epic Mary Seacole Quiz?


Who was Mary Seacole?


Why is Mary Seacole considered one of the most EPIC Britain’s EVER?

3/20 A pair of hands holding a sports trophy

In 2004 she was voted as which EPIC Britain

4/20 Earth Quiz

Where on Earth did Mary Seacole learn her healing skills?


5/20 Which one of these is the Jamaican flag?


What was the name of her Army Hospital?


7/20 Which arrow points to the location of the Crimean War?


Which other famous nurse did Mary Seacole meet for 5 minutes


What year was Mary Seacole born?


What was Mary Seacole’s autobiography called?

11/20 Coronavirus: Use Your Head and Stop the Spread

When she lived in Jamaica, she gave her time to heal people of which deadly epidemic?


What was remarkable about the “British Hotel” Hospital Mary Seacole founded?

13/20 A man dressed in a USA world war 2 uniform

What nickname was given to her by grateful British soldiers?


14/20 What country was Mary Seacole’s father from?


What was the “British Hotel” like?

16/20 A footballer taking a shot with John Terry on the side of the image

What was her favourite game as a child?

17/20 A pizza chef

Apart from helping injured soldiers, what else did she do around the battlefield?


How did she go above and beyond the usual duties of a war time nurse?


19/20 Who were the English fighting during the Crimean war?

20/20 party

What happened after Mary Seacole ran out of money after the war?

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