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Epic Norfolk Quiz. Can You Get 100%?

If you’re not from Norfolk then here’s how you get there: Take the Norwich train from Liverpool Street, London, and as long as you don’t make the fatal mistake of disembarking in Essex or Suffolk, you’ll eventually find yourself in this beautifully flat and soggy county! If you are from Norfolk then you’ll ace this Norfolk Quiz!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 6th 2022

Norfolk’s in East Anglia, England. It’s famous for the Canaries, crabs, and the Norfolk Broads. If you ace our Norfolk quiz and fancy something a little more urban, try The Ultimate London Quiz or otherwise check out our Dog or Seal? quiz to get yor head around identifying one of Norfolks many beautiful marine species (the seal).


Easy Peasy First Question: What UK country is the county of Norfolk in?


Which football team (named after a yellow bird) play their home games in Norfolk?


Which of these words best describes Norfolk?


Which of these places isn’t in Norfolk?


5/10 What animal is Cromer most famous for?


6/10 Which animal might you spot of the coast of Norfolk?


Complete the Norfolk place name “Wells-next-the…“


Is Fakenham a real place in Norfolk?


Which real life Disney Princess used to live in Norfolk?


Which Norfolk hero stands on a very tall column in Trafalgar Square?

Oh dear! I assume you thought this quiz was about Norfolk, Virgina in the USA. Please don’t send an angry email to us to complain about how we’ve wasted your time!

You’re a little bit Norfolky! Maybe you’re from Suffolk or Cambridgeshire?

You’re so Norfolk! You’re more Norfolk than the canaries or a Cromer Crab. See you at Kings Lynn Mart, probably!