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Epic Rhythmic Gymnastics Quiz

It’s almost certain you know more about Rhythmic Gymnastics than me! But how much more?

Can you wipe the floor with our rhythmic gymnastics quiz?


Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport: True or false


Which of these apparatus aren't used in rhythmic gymnastics?


At international level, rhythmic gymnastics is a women-only sport?


Which of these attributes isn't a required of a top level rhythmic gymnast


How big is the space  a rhythmic gymnast gets to perform? (It's actually called the mat!)


True or False: Failure to have high sound quality musical backing can result in penalty.


7/10 Which of these countries hasn't won a medal in ANY of the International Gymnastics Federation's Rhythmic Gymnastic competitions?


Which one of these rhythmic gymnasts didn't make it to the podium in the 2016 Olympics?


9/10 Which country has pioneered men Rhythmic Gymnastics?


Margarita Mamun was the star of a Rhythmic Gymnastic's documentary. What was it called?

Gold. You've executed the perfect routine!

Silver. A neat routine with some snappy ribbon work. Well done!

Bronze. You tripped on the ribbon and hit a judge with your club.Try again next Olympics!