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8 Question Sonic The Hedgehog Quiz!

Find out how much you know about Sonic!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 11th 2022
1/8 Knuckles with question mark

Who is this?

2/8 Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik with question mark
Paramount Pictures/Sega

Who plays Dr Robotnik in the new movie?

3/8 Sonic The Hedgehog character

Why is Sonic called Sonic?

4/8 Chaos Emerald with question mark

How many Chaos Emeralds are there?

5/8 Sonic gameplay

What do golden rings give you?

6/8 Sonic gameplay

In which country were the Sonic games originally developed?

7/8 Sonic titles

What is Sonic's original home planet called?

8/8 Sonic gameplay

What is Dr. Robotnik's robot army called?

Sonic on a yellow background with the words awesome

Awesome! You just earned 7 chaos emeralds with your epic Sonic knowledge!

Knuckles on a green background with the words nice

You're pretty clued up about Sonic! Well done!

Tails on a purple background with the words try again

Hmm, you know a couple of things about Sonic but you could do better! Have another go!

Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik on a blue background with the words oh no
Paramount Pictures/Sega

Uh, did you go to the Dr. Robotnik school of Sonic quizzes? Either way, you'll need to try again if you want to improve your Sonic knowledge!ย