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The Hair-Raisingly Hard Halloween Quiz 2023

This SPOOKtacular quiz is for hair-raisingly hardcore Halloween experts only - take the challenge if you dare!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 16th 2023

If you fancy yourself as a Halloween know it all who can tackle the most frightfully hard Halloween 21-question quiz then you've come to the right place. Get ready to get super-niche!

1/21 A cat in a vampire cape

In some parts of the Balkans there's a myth that if you don't eat watermelons before Christmas, you turn into a vampire. True or false?

2/21 A scary Halloween pumpkin

What does the colour orange mean when it comes to all things Halloween?

3/21 A pumpkin and a dog

Which fruit family does the pumpkin belong to?

4/21 Pokemon Halloween character

What's the name of this Halloween-themed Pokemon character?

5/21 US police officer and Frankenstein's Monster

You aren't allowed to use Silly String at Halloween in California. True or false?

6/21 Jack Skellington's dog
The Nightmare Before Christmas | Walt Disney | Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi | Henry Selick

In Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, what is the name of Jack Skellington's dog?

7/21 A couple of people dressed in cool Halloween costumes

According to an old Halloween tradition, what happens if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards?

8/21 Moon Jokes

There was a full moon during Halloween in 2020. When’s the next one?

9/21 A man holding a pumpkin

What is a fear of Halloween called?

10/21 A massive pumpkin with a construction worker standing nearby

In 2016, a man in Australia grew the world's heaviest pumpkin. How much did it weigh?

11/21 A ghost on top of the White House

The White House in Washington, DC is said to be haunted. True or false?

12/21 Scary pumpkin

Where do real vampire bats live? 

13/21 Dog in sheet with pumpkin in mouth

What is the correct spelling of Halloween? 

14/21 Dog in witches hat on grass with pumpkin bucket

What is a group of witches called? 

15/21 Skeleton

What was Dr. Frankenstein’s first name?

16/21 Vampire fangs

Who wrote the novel 'Dracula'?

17/21 Dog looking sad with pumpkin

How do pumpkins grow - on vines, trees or bushes?

18/21 Girl with scary skeleton makeup and pumpkin

What does the old-fashioned English word 'Hallow' actually mean?

19/21 Cute black kitten with witches hat and broomstick

What is an old-fashioned name for a broomstick? 

20/21 Dog in witch's hat with broom in mouth in front of trees

Which of the following is NOT an ingredient that the witches in the Shakespeare play Macbeth use in their cauldron? 

21/21 Girls dressed as witches

What ingredients are in the traditional Halloween drink called Lambs Wool? 

Result: Wow

Wow! You got a PERFECT score! You know everything there is to know about Halloween - some would say you are a genius, maybe even an EVIL genius... Well done!

Result: Pretty good

Pretty Good! While not a totally PERFECT score, you're certainly on nodding terms with Halloween at least. Far from frightful, good job!

Result: Not so hot

Not so hot! While not a truly DIABOLICAL score, You may need to read up on your Halloween trivia if you're to be a true bloodcurdling brainbox! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Result: oh no

Oh no! It seems Halloween may not be your thing! Never mind, you can always retake the quiz and improve your score, or perhaps try another brilliant Beano quiz!