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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Escape from Duck Island!

Can you help Phil escape dino danger while having a jurassic lark?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 20th 2022

No visit to Beanotown is complete without seeing the famous Duck Island which is a stone's throw from Beanotown station (don't throw stones, though, especially at trains). Most people safely look at it from a distance, but Gnasher reckons that it's easy to get onto and have a look around. The thing is, the locals reckon there are dinosaurs which roam the island. Can you have a look around and get back to the Menace home in time for a big plate of delicious sausages?

1/10 Phil ES Dogg and Duck Island

Firstly, how do you get across the water to set foot on Duck Island?

2/10 Phil ES Dogg walking past a sign saying Duck Island

Duck Island is much bigger than it looks on the map. Where do you go first?

3/10 Phil ES Dogg in a dense forest

You’re near a bunch of man-eating plants. What do you do to buy some time?

4/10 Dinosaur on Duck Island

Oh no! There's a dinosaur chasing you. What kind is it?

5/10 Duck Island monorail

You’ve discovered a really old monorail. What’s your first thought?

6/10 Phil ES Dogg rolling down a hill

You’ve found yourself rolling down a hill. What sound do you make?

7/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher hiding from a dinosaur

You manage to leave the dino zone, but there’s ANOTHER dinosaur waiting for you. What do you do next?

8/10 A gap in the trees on Duck Island

You find a gap in the trees. Do you…

9/10 A dinosaur roaming Duck Island

There’s another dinosaur in your path! What’s your plan?

10/10 Phil ES Dogg in a Duck Island adventure

You’re on the edge of Duck Island. How do you attract a grownup’s attention?

Trapped on Duck Island!

You've been trapped on Duck Island!

Duck Island is now your home until the park keeper comes to close it for the evening. Look out for them and don't forget to get their attention when you see them. You'll be home soon!

You've escaped from Duck Island

You escaped from Duck Island with ease!

Your survival skills would make Grizzly Griller proud. You were careful and seemed to know exactly what to do, even when a Gnashersaurus started chasing you! Maybe do something safer next week, yeah?

Narrow escape from Duck Island

You've escaped from Duck Island, but only just!

Phew, that was close! Remember, dinosaurs aren't your friend!

Rescued from Duck Island

You've been rescued from Duck Island!

Rather than being trapped on the island, you made such a noise while looking for help, the dinosaurs became so irritated they helped you on your way home. We're not sure if this is good or bad. The main thing is that you're safe!