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Europe Map Quiz

Do you know your Alps from your Edelweiss? Find out with this map-tastic Euro-quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Ok geography fans, here we go...


The smelliest food in the world is called Surstromming and its a kind of fish that's left for so long that it ferments. Where do they eat this?


What's the name of these mountains in the middle of Europe?


The coast of Norway has lots of fiddly little beaches all along it. What are these wiggly bits called?


What's the smallest country in Europe?


Morocco is in Europe. True of false?


Russia is in Europe. True or False?


Which country is this?


Here's a tricky one. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are countries in the North East of Europe. What are these countries known as?


Whats the name of this sea?


Chicken Kievs are named after the capital city of a European country. Where is Kiev?

Oh dear! Geography not your strong point? Have another go!

Not bad! You can do better though! Have another go?

Good job - your geography teacher will be proud!

Fantastisch! You're a geography whizz!