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Czech Out This European Flags Quiz!

Can you spot the difference between the German and Belgian flags? This stately European flag quiz is harder than it sounds!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 28th 2022

There are quite a few countries in Europe - 44 in fact (although there are only 27 in the EU)! And they each have their own flag! How confusing! Can you match the stars and stripes of these 10 flags to the European country they belong to? Have a go and find out!

We have plenty more great geography quizzes for you to try after this one to! But first... it's flag time! Ready? Let's go!


Let's start off easy! What country's flag is this?


Next up... what European country is this?


Any ideas?


This is a little harder so here's a hint - this one is a island with nice weather!


Ok... this country is covered in mountains and if that wasn't enough, the flag is a big plus. What country are we talking about?

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And this one?


What about this one?


Germany or Belgium?


Tricky one... any ideas?

10/10 Germany or Belgium again!

Bah! Oh dear! This score is nicht so gut! Too bad! You'd better hurry up and try a different geography quiz - maybe you'll do a bit better on a different continent? Luckily we have lots more quizzes to try!

Pas mal! This score is quite respectable. Not a high score, but pretty good. This German fella has seen worse results in his time. Fancy having another go and seeing if you can improve on this score? We've got plenty more country quizzes to try if you'd rather not!

Great! This is a really good score! Nice work! You almost bagged 100% - well done! You did just miss out on the top spot though - do you want to see if you can beat this score on a different quiz? Go on - we have lots more!

Excellent! This average German woman is very impressed! Full marks! You know loads about European geography! Well done. Now, can you score another 10/10 on a different geography quiz? We have lots more!