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The Ultimate Everton Quiz

How well do you know the mighty Everton FC?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 8th 2021

Are you a fan of the mighty Toffees? Put your trivia to the test with this fantastic footy quiz! If you love football, check out our Guess the Footballer Quiz!


1/15 Everton is in Liverpool. Where is that on this map of the UK?

2/15 A football trophy is lifted into the air

What year did Everton win their first trophy?

@checkatrade | giphy

Everton's slogan is "Nil satis nise optimum". What language is that in?

@everton | instagram

And what do you reckon it means?


How many doubles have Everton won?

6/15 An Everton player
@everton | Instagram

Who's this dude?


7/15 What country does he play for?


8/15 What colour is Everton's home kit?


Where do Everton play?


What is Everton's nickname?

11/15 A man thinking

Why are they called that?Β 

12/15 Jordan Pickford

In which county was Jordan Pickford born?


Who are Everton's biggest rivals?

14/15 An FA Cup sign

How many times have Everton won the FA Cup?

15/15 Everton badge

What is the name of the building on Everton's badge?

Oh no!

Oh no! You don't know much about Everton! Mewp!

Good try!

Good try! You're definitely a football fan but maybe you're not a true blue...

Great work!

Great work! You know lots about Everton!


Wow! You're clearly a true Blue!