The Ultimate DanTDM Real-Life Quiz!

You watch all his videos - but how much do you know about what DanTDM gets up to offline?

Everything About DanTDM's Real-Life Quiz!

Image by DanTDM | YouTube

Let's start with an easy one so you can get your DanTDM muscles warmed up. What is Dan's real last name?


When is Dan's birthday? (Bonus question to think about in your own time: What present would you buy for him?)


Dan has a special fondness for a particular breed of dog. What type of dog does he love?


What are the names of Dan's dogs which feature in his YouTube Red series?

Image by DanTDM | YouTube

And - if you were lucky enough to get to watch it - what was the NAME of Dan's YouTube Red series?


Dan is married! But obviously you knew that. So how did he meet his wife, Jemma?


Dan is a real-life World Record Breaker! Which of these records does he hold?


Dan tried eating some AWFUL jelly bean flavours for a video. Which of these flavours of beans did he NOT eat?


A magazine asked Dan what he wanted to achieve in 2018. Which of these did he say as his answer?

Image by DanTDM | YouTube

Dan has broken part of his body! What did he break?


As well as his YouTube channel, his tour and his YouTube Red series, Dan is also a published author! What was the title of his graphic novel, based on his Minecraft characters?


How much money did DanTDM make overall last year? HINT: It is a lot


What was Dan's first YouTube channel called, the one he started waaay back before he was famous? Hint: It's based around another game series he loves...


Dan is very musical! Which of these instruments is he best known for playing?

Image by DanTDM | YouTube

Dan has a younger brother! Which of these facts about his brother are true?


Dan is an artist - but even he wouldn't want to tattoo himself! Which game does he love enough to have got a tattoo of on his arm?


Dan dyes his hair all sorts of colours! Which colour has he NEVER dyed his hair?


AND FINALLY! We all know that Dan is a huge romantic - but where did he propose to his wife Jemma?

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YOU DID IT! You know EVERYTHING there is to know about DanTDM's real life! You're the ultimate Dan fan, take a bow!

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Wooo-hooo! You rock! You know almost everything there is to know about DanTDM. Keep living your best life!

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Hmmm, not bad! You certainly know a lot about DanTDM - but you could definitely learn a bit more about our favourite YouTuber! Why not watch his 'Draw My Life' special video and try again?

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Not too bad! You've definitely watched a few of Dan's videos and maybe even been on his Wiki page. Why not do a little bit more research and try again. Maybe you'll really impress him!

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Uh-oh! I don't believe that you're really a DanTDM fan! Maybe it was just a really hard quiz - try some of the other ones we've got here and try again?

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You are definitely NOT a true DanTDM fan!

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