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Everything We Know About the New Crazy Crocs!

It's been a crazy week for new crocs. There's some fashionable ones on the catwalk and a huge one discovered in a museum. Which croc do you think is cooler?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 7th 2017

Fancy fashion brand Balenciaga recently brought out these new crocs

@crocs | Instagram

They’re basically normal crocs but higher heeled and with lots of studs

@crocs | Instagram

People don't know what to think... Are they cool? Or are they strange?

@crocs | Instagram

Also this week, scientists found a GIANT jurassic crocodile that lived 163 million years ago!

Fabio Manucci | University of Edinburgh

Well… it’s not exactly a crocodile… but it is ancient and used to swim in British seas! How exciting!

The ancient beast had powerful jaws and HUGE teeth

And hunted prehistoric squid. YUMMY!

Would you wear a pair of crocs?

What a week for big crocs! First the shoes, now the real thing!

@crocs | Instagram