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10 Facts You Need to Know About Camila Cabello

She's been Havana good time since her mega-hit went wild but how much do you know about the former Fifth Harmony star?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 15th 2018

1. She loves elephants!

Camila loves the animals because of their emotional memory. And also because they're cute!

@camila_cabello | Instagram

2. She cries at cheesy movies

Saving Mr Banks was the last film that brought on the waterworks

3. She likes pineapple on pizza

Well, someone has to!

@camila_cabello | Instagram

4. She learnt to dance watching Justin Bieber videos

We knew there was more to Justin than Instagram and misplacing pet monkeys

5. She was starstruck after meeting One Direction

Harry Styles? Liam Payne? Niall Horan? Who wouldn't be starstruck!

@onedirection | Instagram

6. People mistake her for Selena Gomez

Wait, what? How could anyone get those 2 confused? Oh, actually, she does have a point!

7. She's scared of sharks

Who isn't scared of sharks? That's what we want to know!

@camila_cabello | Instagram

8. She sings Nicki Minaj when she does karaoke

Don't we all?

9. She’s a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan!

The real question is... Gryffindor or Slytherin? 

@camila_cabello | Instagram

10. She has a framed Ed Sheeran tweet on her bedroom wall

Where can we get one?