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Everything You Need to Know about Great British Bake Off Contestants!

Meet the 12 brand new bakers from GBBO!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  August 30th 2017

Introducing Chris the Scientist

Chris loves the science behind baking, and is an even bigger fan of GBBO than Fatty from the Bash Street Kids

Chris from GBBO

Meet Flo, the Granny

She's the oldest contestant to ever be on Bake Off, but we love her style! You go, Flo!

Flo from GBBO

Say Hello to James

James says that he's a 'bald, baking banker with a bad back' - trying saying that 5 times fast!

James from GBBO

Bonjour Julia!

Julia has been baking since she was a kid and even quit her job to be on Bake Off this year

Julia from GBBO

Meet our mate Kate

Kate is a health and safety inspector, so she will keep the other contestants on their toes

Kate from GBBO

Hello Liam from London

Liam is the youngest baker this year and his nickname was 'Cake Boy' when he was a kid

Liam from GBBO

Pair up with Peter

Peter got into baking by making bread. Let's hope he can rise to the occasion!

Peter from GBBO

Say hey to Sophie

When she isn't baking, Sophie loves cycling and rowing - she's always on the go!

Sophie from GBBO

Salutations, Stacey!

Stacey used to be a teacher, and is also a mum to 3 little menaces of her own

Stacey from GBBO

What's up, Steven?

Steven was taught how to bake when he was just 9

Steven from GBBO

Toodles, Tom

Tom is the only Scottish contestant this year. He's a keen fan of sport and means business in the tent.

Tom from GBBO

Yo yo, Yan!

Yan works for the NHS as a molecular biologist, proper science!

Yan from GBBO